Our Mission

Our mission is to promote diversity in the sport of swimming by providing affordable community driven programs that not only teach a life saving skill but create an environment that fosters self empowerment, achievement and discipline.

Urban Swim Program provides low cost or free swim lessons and programs to those in Camden, New Jersey and supports the development of programs in areas targeted towards diverse populations, those of a low socioeconomic status and/or minorities.

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A3 Performance

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Urban Swim Program would like to thanks A3 performance for a HUGE donation of supplies. Through creating this non-profit and striving to reach goals, I have come into contact with some of the greatest people that are also interested in helping a make a difference, such as my one of my ex coaches and his great company over at A3 Performance. I reached out for help, expecting nothing, but being happy with a few pieces that we needed and what was sent was an overflow of support. Urban Swim…

Middle Atlantic Diversity Outreach Clinic

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On April 13th, the Middle Atlantic Diversity Committee,  held our first Diversity Outreach Clinic. We reached 150 swimmers that day, all from very diverse backgrounds. Even though he is in the midst of training for a spot on summer Olympic team in London, Anthony Erivn, Urban Swim Program’s spokesperson and Advisory board member, took time out to give back, working with the kids and sharing his story. We all learned a lot that day as Ervin’s raw passion, enthusiasm and love for the sport is  refreshing and contagious. Congratulations…


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Urban Swim Program would like to thank Walmart for supporting our vision. Through donations such as those and supporters such as you, we are able to advance our mission in giving back to the community, affecting the lives of many, teaching a life saving skill and creating an environment of achievement and self-worth. We are Urban Swim believe that when you teach a child a new skill or to get over a fear, you help them believe that anything is possible. Thanks Walmart.

In Memory of

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One thing you learn about the lines of swimming, is that they run deep. You could be at a swim meet, the grocery store or the library and once someone tells you they are/was/or currently swim, you automatically have a connection. So when Amy Hoffman reached out to myself and Urban Swim Program, to help keep her’s fathers passion of swimming alive, I was completely honored. Amy writes, “Paul Hoffman, 75 originally from Budapest Hungary longtime resident of Cherry Hill died March 8. Self proclaimed record collector,bookworm and low level…

Urban Swim Program is a Make-a-Splash Local Partner

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We are excited to announce Urban Swim Program has just joined USA Swimming Foundation’s water safety initiative, Make a Splash. The USA Swimming Foundation launched Make a Splash in 2007 with the goal to teach every child to learn to swim.  In order to accomplish this, we hope to spread awareness of the importance to learn to swim and be safe around water to every community in the country. A network of learn-to-swim providers has been created through the Local Partner Program to help spread…